Account Balances Must Be $75 For Assignments

Make sure you have $75 in your account today!

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Region 5A Playoffs
William Bolsen
Dan Butler &
Carlos Valdez




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TASO Policies for Better Officiating

Review these important policies.

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The Houston TASO Chapter of High School Soccer Officials

Upcoming Meetings & Events

September Chapter Meeting

Make plans to attend this meeting at Bayland Community Center at 6:30pm to learn about the upcoming season. Directions to Bayland Community Center 

October Chapter Meeting

HSSOA Chapter meeting at Bayland Community Center, 6:30pm. Directions to Bayland Community Center 

November Chapter Meeting

November HSSOA Chapter meeting at Bayland Community Center, 6:30pm. Directions to Bayland Community Center 

December Chapter Meeting

December HSSOA Chapter meeting at Bayland Community Center, 6:30pm. Directions to Bayland Community Center 


Weekly Account Balances Posted to Portals
January 13, 2019 - HSSOA News

Assigning fees are posted weekly in your account portal. For 2019, referees must have a starting $75.00 balance in their accounts to receive assignments. Once the season begins, balances must be at least $40.00 to avoid being removed from assignments. You will receive a weekly email regarding your balance status. Login and check your balance now! 

Katy ISD Introduces New Pay System
December 17, 2018 - HSSOA News

Katy ISD will introduce a new electronic payment system for the 2019 season. Officials will submit all required forms and invoices electronically. Complete information is available on the ISD Specific Payment Process page within the hssoa site. The point of contact is Susan Trackwell 281-396-7786. Go to ISD Specific Payment Process Page 

2019 Mileage & Game Fees Available
September 12, 2018 - HSSOA News

Read and review the updated game fee and mileage rates for games in the 2019 season. The page details 3 person and 2 person systems and all game durations. A downloadable document is also available on the page. Go to Mileage Rates & Game Fee page. 

UIL & TAPPS Drone Policy
July 1, 2017 - TASO News

The UIL and TAPPS have created policies for the use of drones by its member schools. Please read this article posted on TASO's website so you are aware of these policies. See complete policy on 

Tools to Become a Better Referee

A Feel for the Game: MLS referees - FOX Soccer

Get an in-depth look at what it takes to be a referee in MLS. Learn from referees performing at the highest levels.

NHFS Rules Book

NFHS Rules Myth vs Fact

Myth: It is a team's right to substitute as much as it likes and may do so even if it results in running down the time.

Fact: The referee is required to stop the clock for substitutes if he/she believes the team repeatedly substituting is doing so to waste time.

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US Soccer

US Soccer Referee Program

A great way to understand the Laws of the Game and become a high school referee is to first become a US Soccer certified referee. Their certification program will allow you to build a solid foundation for officiating the sport. Learn more at

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