End of Season Balances Posted

Please be sure to clear your final assigning balances.

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Congratulations to HSSOA Referees

for their Selection to 2019 UIL Soccer Tournament

Melvin Rivas & Gerald Flores




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TASO Policies for Better Officiating

Review these important policies.

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The Houston TASO Chapter of High School Soccer Officials

Upcoming Meetings & Events

2019-20 TASO Registration Open

TASO registration opens for the 2019-20 season. Register as soon as possible to avoid the rush. Register on TASO.org 

September Chapter Meeting

2019-20 kickoff meeting at Bayland Community Center at 6:30pm. Directions to Bayland Community Center 

October Chapter Meeting

HSSOA Chapter meeting at Bayland Community Center, 6:30pm. Directions to Bayland Community Center 

November Chapter Meeting

November HSSOA Chapter meeting at Bayland Community Center, 6:30pm. Directions to Bayland Community Center 

December Chapter Meeting

December HSSOA Chapter meeting at Bayland Community Center, 6:30pm. Directions to Bayland Community Center 


TASO Announces Modified Soccer Year
April 19, 2019 - TASO News

Since many school districts schedule middle school soccer matches into May, The TASO Soccer Board has extended the 2018-2019 TASO Soccer Year until May 31, 2019. Starting with the 2019-2020 year and going forward, the TASO Soccer Year will be June 1 – May 31.

2019 HSSOA Election Results
April 17, 2019 - HSSOA News

At the April 17th HSSOA chapter meeting, Britton Coffman was elected president. Mark Knobloch is now registrar. Guillermo Ocampo is now vice-president of referee development. HSSOA thanks Charlie Guy for his many years of service to the chapter as president. HSSOA also thanks Dan Butler for serving as vice-president of referee development. All new position terms start on May 1.

Katy ISD Introduces New Pay System
December 17, 2018 - HSSOA News

Katy ISD will introduce a new electronic payment system for the 2019 season. Officials will submit all required forms and invoices electronically. Complete information is available on the ISD Specific Payment Process page within the hssoa site. The point of contact is Susan Trackwell SusanETrackwell@katyisd.org 281-396-7786. Go to ISD Specific Payment Process Page 

UIL & TAPPS Drone Policy
July 1, 2017 - TASO News

The UIL and TAPPS have created policies for the use of drones by its member schools. Please read this article posted on TASO's website so you are aware of these policies. See complete policy on www.taso.org. 

Tools to Become a Better Referee

A Feel for the Game: MLS referees - FOX Soccer

Get an in-depth look at what it takes to be a referee in MLS. Learn from referees performing at the highest levels.

NHFS Rules Book

NFHS Rules Myth vs Fact

Myth: The referee can only stop the clock for goals, yellow/red cards, injuries, and penalty kicks. The referee has no discretion to stop the clock for anything else.

Fact: The referee has discretion to stop the clock for any reason he/she deems necessary. This might include situations where it is taking excessive time to retrieve a ball, to explain a call to a coach or player, to handle an escalating situation between players/teams, to remove a disruptive spectator, to consult with an assistant referee, etc.

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US Soccer

US Soccer Referee Program

A great way to understand the Laws of the Game and become a high school referee is to first become a US Soccer certified referee. Their certification program will allow you to build a solid foundation for officiating the sport. Learn more at www.ussoccer.com/referees.

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