It is common for referees to change TASO chapters due to relocation, college or other circumstances. TASO does require transferring referees to complete a form to intiate a transfer.

  1. Download the TASO Chapter Transfer Form using the link below.

    TASO Referee Transfer Form TASO Referee Transfer Form (38 KB)

  2. Send your form to the HSSOA chapter secretary requesting your transfer - the secretary must complete the form. Please inform the secretary of the chapter to which you are transferring. Email:
  3. Once the secretary completes your form, they will forward your form to TASO.
  4. TASO will verify the transfer and inform the new chapter secretary that you are approved for transfer.
  5. You will receive confirmation from your new chapter secretary and TASO once the transfer is complete.
Need Help? Contact the HSSOA Secretary for transfer issues. Another good source of information on transfers is the TASO main office. You can find their contact information at