Katy ISD

Electronic Payment Process

Katy ISD is moving to an electronic system to submit official’s payments. Our goal is to provide better security for personal information and to more efficiently process payments from over 50 venues. The first step in the process is for each official to set up their profile in our system. When setting up the profile, you will automatically submit your W-9 and Debarment forms to purchasing and activate your vendor file with Katy ISD. We suggest that you use the same password you use for your TASO account because you will need to log in again in the future. You can set up your account at katy.powermediallc.org.

After completing your profile, you can fill out pay sheets for all scheduled games in advance. We will also provide a tablet on site for officials who were not able to fill out their pay sheet in advance. The officials will be asked to sign in at the game site for documentation purposes. We will only approve payments for officials that sign in. All submitted documents will be stored in your account for your reference.

Download the pdf of this process here:

Katy ISD Online Payment Instructions Katy ISD Online Payment Instructions (235 KB)

Brazosport ISD

Brazosport ISD uses Arbitersports to pay officials. If you work games for Braozosport or other districts that require an Arbitersports account, you can use the following link to create your account.