TASO Soccer Tests Now Available

The 2023-2024 TASO Soccer Tests, both in English & Spanish are now available inside your Member’s Portal.

To access the test, go to www.taso.org and click on Login in the Membership Area, then enter your TASO ID number and password. The test link(s) are in your Portal, scroll down to the TASO Test area and click on Start Test. Please note:

>When 75 questions are answered the submit button will appear, otherwise that test will remain Pending and not scored or recorded.

>To review a completed test; go to the TASO Tests area click the Check Your Results button and you can see each test, with answers, that you have taken. Incorrect answers are shown in red text. Works for both completed and partially completed tests.

>You may close the testing window, by clicking the X in the upper right corner, at any time and when you return to the test you will continue the test where you left off.

>There is a SKIP button; if you wish to skip a question click the SKIP button, after you have completed question 75, the test will close. To complete a test you skipped questions on, click Start Test then click on the ‘Take Test” button, and the skipped questions will appear in the order they were skipped.

>To check your score, go to www.taso.org and click on Member Services, then select Members Login. In your Portal scroll down to the TASO Test area and click Check Your Results. The highest score achieved on a test is recorded in your member record.

If you have any questions, please email soccer@taso.org.