Updated - Texas School Districts Adopting Arbiter Pay

Referee Game Fee and Travel Pay
Schools/School Districts are responsible for payment of game fees and travel fees. They pay the official directly. Each School District has their own payment process. Please make sure that your sign in at each venue and provide each school/school district you work at the correct information they need to process your payment. A number of schools write checks to the officials, some may use a direct deposit method. One of the direct deposit methods is ArbiterPay. Please see information about ArbiterPay below.

The school and school district may choose to compensate officials however they wish. As an example, many schools have switched to direct deposit instead of issuing checks. Several Texas School Districts that HSSOA services are choosing ArbiterPay Texas as the method of paying officials for game/match fees and travel reimbursement.

Below is the list of school districts that are using ArbierPay that we know. If you work at one of these schools, you will need to sign-up with ArbiterPay. Officials can watch the tutorial video on how to sign up at the link below:
http://www.arbiterpaytexas.com/tutorials-sportsofficials/ You can also contact ArbiterPay Texas at 512-494-6267 or info@arbiterpaytexas.com for any additional help.

Schools in HSSOA Area:

  • Alief ISD
  • Alvin ISD
  • Galena Park ISD
  • Goose Creek ISD
  • Humble ISD
  • Liberty ISD
  • Montgomery ISD
  • Pearland ISD