State Playoffs and Other Updates
Regional and State Playoffs

Based on some well intentioned efforts by UIL to be inclusive and diverse in the past while choosing officials to work the Regional and State playoffs, some of which turned out to be less-than-acceptable, TASO has been tasked with providing only the better qualified and fit officials for these games.

To that end, TASO has in place a policy of requiring the NTSSA or STSR State (or higher) physical tests as one of their requirements for consideration to the regional and state events. If you have taken and passed either of these between July 1 and now, through the end of the year, you have completed one of the tasks. Please provide proof to our VP - Development, Magdy Kotb at, a copy of the test or a statement from the test administrator that you did pass. If you haven't, please contact Magdy immediately and let him know and that you are still interested in being considered.

A PT may be set up depending on how many are wanting to take it and how much, if any, of the cost those people are willing to absorb. The chapter may be willing to absorb some or all of the cost depending on the level of interest expressed.

Our assignors will begin work early next month so please complete all requirements for registration at your earliest convenience. If you need to use scrimmages to make up any shortages and fund up your assigning account to $75.00, please get in touch with Charlie Guy In any event, before you will be assigned any games past the scrimmage ending, your account must have the minimum balance.

State Playoff Physical Test Offer

TASO State Director of Training, Harlan Matthews, has generously offered his services for free to administer the physical for HSSOA referees who wish to be considered for State and Regional playoff games. Please contact Harlan directly at to make arrangements to take the test. Since this is a free test, it will be done at Harlan's convenience so please bear that in mind. As a reminder, to qualify for State Playoffs, you must score at least a 90 on the written exam.