Game Officials for Coaches

How to Access Game Officials for Coaches

HSSOA has transitioned to a new Games Officials Group account for the upcoming season. Coaches that log in to Game Officials using their existing username and password may be seeing the OMG-HS Group as their default group. In order to input your games for the upcoming season you will need to change groups while in Games Officials using the following procedure:

1. Log in to Game Officials using your username and password from last year.

2. Check to see which group you are associated with by looking at the top of the page under the Game Officials logo.

3. If the Group is set to OMG-HS (Group 1261), you will need to click on the link directly below that Change Identity. From the list, select HSSOA (Group 1363). Selecting this group will allow you to input and modify your team's games.

4. Once you have changed to the HSSOA group, you will see this Group designation.

If you have any issues with this procedure or getting access to your team area, please contact the HSSOA VP of Scheduling, Ali Zamanian at | 281-435-0745.