TASO Registered Referees

Registration information is now available in your member portal

Each HSSOA member should already have an account on this site to view their profile, registration and financial account information. Additional information on your exam status and other information that TASO tracks is also available there. This information is updated periodically so if you believe the information is old or inaccurate, please contact the HSSOA Registrar at registrar@hssoa.com and we will help resolve the discrepancy.

If you have registered and you have not taken your current year exam, please log in to www.taso.arbitersports.com and take your exam. You may only be assigned games after you take that exam and achieve a score of 70% or above. If you have taken the exam and your score is not reflected in your member portal, you can contact the registrar or wait until the next site update. If you have just taken and passed the exam, you can email the registrar with your results so you can be assigned games as soon as possible.

Need to Contact a Referee?

Be sure you make contact with your crew the day before your games. If you need to find phone or email addresses for any high school referee, the most up to date information will be on Game Officials. Log in to your GO account and locate you crew. Send them an email or text message with your contact information and plans for arrival. You will need this information in the event you are running late or one of your crew has not shown up to the game. Go to Game Officials now.


Members that have registered with TASO will receive identification cards from TASO. These cards are generally distributed during the first 2 weeks of January. You will receive them either by US Mail or at a chapter meeting. If you do not see that your photo has been received by checking your hssoa.com member portal, you must send a photo to the registrar before doing games. 

Don't Have an Member Account Yet?

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