Requirements for Assignments

1. You Must Be Registered With TASO for the Current Year

TASO registration system is done online on the TASO website To complete your online registration, please refer to the instruction page on this site: /registration-information/taso-registration. You will find detailed instructions outlining the online registration process, fees and deadlines. 


If you have not received your Rules Book, send the HSSOA Registrar an email and you will receive one by mail -

2. Watch the Rules Video in your TASO Member Portal

When you log in to your TASO member portal, you will see the rules video in your list of requirements. You must watch the complete video - TASO uses software that detects if you have not watched the entire video so be sure to watch the entire video.

3. Take the Rules Test in your TASO Member Portal

After you view the entire online rules presentation video, click the test link in your member portal to take the 50 question online test. You must score at least an 80% on the exam to be assigned. You may retake the test multiple times until you score at least 80%. Once you complete your test, you will see your score on the screen in your TASO portal.

4. You Must have at least $75 in your HSSOA Member Portal Account

Again - you must have at least $75 in your HSSOA account before you will be assigned games. Accounting statements will be available to members in their member portals on the website in the coming week. Those balances will be updated on a weekly basis. You may contact either the treasurer or registrar if you need to know you current balance before it is available on the web site. You may pay outstanding balances at the next chapter meeting or pay by credit card when you receive an invoice that will be sent by the chapter in the upcoming weeks.

5. You Must Have A Game Officials Account and Have Your Availability Set

HSSOA assignors use Game Officials assigning software. You must have an account before games can be assigned to you. New referees should contact the Vice President of Assigning if you have not been notified by them regarding your account. You can find assignor contact information on the Assignors Page.

Read the How to Set Preferences and Availability in Game Officials guide document so that you can be assigned to the games you want.

How to Set Availability and Preferences in Game Officials How to Set Availability and Preferences in Game Officials (144 KB)

Game Officials is an independent web site and software program. You can access Game Officials at their

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